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Dental Implants
Gilbert, AZ

It is common for adults to lose their teeth as they age. Among adults between the ages 35-44, 69% have lost at least one permanent tooth. The number of lost teeth increases with age as 26% of the adults over the age of 74 no longer have natural teeth. It is common for adults to resort to tooth replacement options. While there are several options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular tooth replacement option.

How Dental Implants Work

When you lose a permanent tooth, the gap created in your oral cavity causes many problems. Perhaps the most obvious change that you may notice is the shifting pattern of the adjacent teeth. But that’s not it. When you lose a permanent tooth, your jaw bone doesn’t get the stimulation needed to stay strong and healthy. You may start experiencing problems with the jaw bone, which can eventually affect your facial structure.

A dental implant is one of the best solutions for replacing a missing tooth because a dental implant fills in the gap in your oral cavity permanently. Moreover, the dental implant keeps your oral health in good shape as it integrates with the jaw bone and provides the same stimulation as your natural tooth.

At San Tan Oral Surgery, we offer dental implant solutions where Dr. Cynthia Colson will surgically implant a titanium root that functions similar to a natural tooth root and let it fuse with your jawbone. The healing time following a dental implant can range between four to six months, and once the healing is complete, Dr. Cynthia Colson will then attach an abutment that connects the implant with the crown and finally, a crown placed that looks and functions exactly like your natural tooth.

Why Dental Implants Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Dental implants offer several benefits, which makes it one of the best solutions for missing teeth. Some of the benefits of choosing this tooth replacement option include the following.
•  Dental implants look, feel, and function exactly the same as natural teeth
•  Dental implants provide stimulation of jaw bone that helps prevent loss of bone mass which is one of the causes of changes in facial structure due to lost teeth
•  Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials that are resistant to wear and damage
•  With appropriate oral hygiene practices, a dental implant can last more than two decades

Dental Implant Placement

If you have missing, damaged, or broken teeth, you are probably looking for a smart dental treatment option. Dental implant placement offers a long-term treatment that you won’t have to worry about for years to come! Dental implants are a permanent restoration option. At San Tan Oral Surgery, Dr. Cynthia Colson and will check to see if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. You can also choose to go with dentures, but they work better with implant-anchored denture treatments.

Are You Considering Dental Implants as a Tooth Replacement Option?

If you are dealing with a missing adult tooth and are looking for tooth replacement options, dental implants can be a great choice. However, dental implants are not for everyone. If you are considering dental implants as a tooth replacement choice, it is best to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cynthia Colson at San Tan Oral Surgery to find out whether you are the right candidate for dental implants or not. Call now at (480) 604-2592 to schedule your appointment and learn more about dental implants and All on 4 Treatment.

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Dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth when you have one or more missing teeth. Call San Tan Oral Surgery today to schedule your first appointment!
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