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Surgical Procedures
Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ

Woman smiling while oral surgeon talks San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZ.Oral surgery is a term that covers a wide array of different types of surgical procedures performed on the mouth, as well as the jaw, head, and neck. These procedures are designed to not only improve your oral health but your smile and your overall quality of life. At San Tan Oral Surgery, we can provide you with the surgical treatments you need.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The wisdom teeth, or your third molars, are the teeth most likely to become impacted. This means that they cannot erupt properly, or at all, through the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause significant pain, infections, and damage to your adjacent teeth. The teeth may not have enough space to erupt properly, may be growing at an odd angle, or may be blocked by bone or soft tissue. When faced with impacted wisdom teeth, the best solution is to extract or remove them.

Tooth Extractions

When teeth are damaged or decayed, the ideal solution is to restore them.
Restoring damaged teeth provides them with protection against further harm and infections, while also enabling the teeth to continue functioning normally. Common restorations include fillings, inlays or onlays, and crowns. If the teeth are severely damaged or decayed, they may be beyond repair.

Any attempted repairs could further compromise your oral health. In some cases, the teeth can be extracted with simple extractions. However, in more complex situations, a surgical extraction becomes necessary. Following tooth extraction, the tooth can then be replaced.

Dental Trauma

While your teeth are the strongest substance in your body, they can still be faced with serious traumatic injuries. These injuries include cracks in the crown, root fractures, displacement, and even avulsion. Not only are the teeth affected, but the bone and surrounding tissues may also be affected by dental trauma.

Trauma can happen for many reasons, including falls, car accidents, and sports injuries. No matter how the injury occurs and how minor it might seem at the time, it is important to seek dental treatment immediately. We can determine the extent of the damage and the best solution to restore your oral health. Some teeth affected by dental trauma can be restored while others may need to be extracted and replaced.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Dentures are a restorative treatment used to replace missing teeth. They are made from impressions of your mouth. Even so, there are some situations in which you might have excess bone or soft tissue, or your jawbone is jagged and uneven. These situations can impact the success of your dental implants, which affects how well your dentures fit, and can cause painful sores. Pre-prosthetic surgery can smooth uneven bone, or remove excess bone or soft tissue, helping to improve the fit and comfort of your dentures.

Oral Pathology

There are many different types of diseases that can impact the health of your mouth. These issues can present themselves as changes in your intraoral tissues, such as unusual growths, red or white patches, lesions, and other abnormalities. We can diagnose the disease affecting your mouth and provide you with the treatment you need to improve your oral health. In many cases, diagnosing diseases requires a soft tissue biopsy of the abnormality. A soft tissue biopsy involves removing a small portion of the abnormality for closer examination under a microscope. This allows us to see the tissue on a microscopic level.

Oral Cancer Surgery

Oral cancer is a devastating disease that can be fatal if not found and treated in the earliest stages. With oral cancer surgery, we surgically remove the cancerous growth in your mouth. During this procedure, a small amount of tissue around the border of the abnormality is also removed, which helps to ensure that all cancerous cells are removed. Following surgery, a follow-up appointment allows us to make sure that we have eliminated cancer from your mouth.


Anesthesia allows us to perform different oral surgical procedures safely and effectively. A local anesthetic is administered to prevent you from feeling any pain. It works by blocking the nerves, essentially numbing the treatment area. Sedation may also be provided. Sedation works to help you feel relaxed and calm. There are many types of sedation available, including nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. We can determine the best type of sedation to meet your needs.

Oral surgery can help to improve your oral health, your smile, and your overall quality of life. For more information on our surgical procedures like frenectomies, bone grafting, or all on 4 dental implants and to schedule your consultation, contact San Tan Oral Surgery today at (480) 604-2592.

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Surgical Procedures | Dental Implants Gilbert, AZ
At San Tan Oral Surgery, we can provide you with the surgical treatments you need. Give us a call today, to find out more!
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