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Dental Implant Placement
Gilbert, AZ

In our clinic, we meet people from all walks of life. Whether they are students, seniors, or even fellow dentists, everyone needs to get their teeth done by someone. While many people may go through their lives without requiring a single tooth extraction, there will always be someone among the many strata of society who will need to get a tooth replacement. Fortunately, we at San Tan Oral Surgery will always do our best to bring back that fresh smile with a fantastic set of dental implants.

How We Place Implants

The basic premise behind dental implant placement is fairly simple for us to do. Underneath your teeth is a bony layer connected to your jaws, called the alveolar ridge. This layer holds your teeth, keeping them from sinking due to the pulling action of your gums. When you lose a tooth, we simply screw on an implant post on this layer and add in a prosthetic tooth over it.

Implant posts run deep through the alveolar ridge, forming an anchor which holds the whole prosthetic tooth. A nut-like device, called an abutment, holds the prosthetic tooth in place. When your prosthetic tooth breaks, which occasionally happens depending on the material used, we would simply unscrew the abutment to take it off. We would then replace the broken prosthetic with a fixed one before screwing it back to the implant post.

Sometimes, however, we get patients who have thin jawbones. With less density to anchor onto, the implants may come loose and fail. To solve this problem, we add bone grafts to the jaws, making them sturdy enough to hold implants for longer.


Bridges are a special kind of prosthetic teeth. We use these when a patient has lost a row of teeth. These bridges typically use two implant posts to hold three or four prosthetic teeth. Sometimes, we would file down a nearby tooth to insert a bridge that has a crown on one tooth. This lets us use only one implant post, saving you more money in the process.

Another important kind of prosthetic teeth is the implant-supported 4-in-1 denture. This is a kind of overdenture that uses four implant posts to support a complete row of upper or lower teeth. While we can also use more or less implants, the 4-in-1 procedure has worked best on most people, while still being cost-effective.

Prosthetic Tooth Material

Most prosthetic teeth are made from either a metal alloy or a mixture that includes acrylic. When you come to us to have a dental implant placed, we would help you choose which kind of material you would want to have. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. From being the sturdiest, to being relatively cheap, we can make sets of prosthetic teeth to match your needs.

In fact, a huge part of the dental implant placement process involves decision making and rigorous planning. From checking whether your jaw can actually handle implant posts to finding out which prosthetic tooth best suits you, we will guide you through the process as smoothly as we possibly can. Just give us a visit at San Tan Oral Surgery or call us at (480) 604-2592 to schedule an appointment with us today!
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Dental Implant Placement Gilbert, AZ | San Tan Oral Surgery
Fortunately, we at San Tan Oral Surgery will always do our best to bring back that fresh smile with a fantastic set of dental implants.
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