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When Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The wisdom teeth are the third set of teeth in the back of your mouth that normally come in between the ages of 17 and 25. For many people, their wisdom teeth come in normally and do not cause any problems in the mouth. However, some people have wisdom teeth that come in crooked, or are too large to have enough space to fit in the back of the jaw with the rest of the teeth. If this is the case, the wisdom teeth will need to be removed or extracted. If you believe your wisdom teeth may need extracted, we here at San Tan Oral Surgery can help advise you on your next steps.

How Do I Know My Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed?

When you are of an age to start getting your wisdom teeth, we will be able to easily tell if they are coming in well or may need some adjustment. However, there are some other signs to pay attention to that may indicate that your wisdom teeth may need attention. One of the most common signs of wisdom teeth that may need to be extracted is sensitivity or pain in the back of the mouth on and around where the wisdom teeth are coming through your gums. Your gums may also become swollen and inflamed in the back of your mouth, which is another clear sign that you may be having an issue with your wisdom teeth.

An impacted wisdom tooth is when the tooth does not have the space to fully emerge from your jaw and develop into your natural row of teeth. The wisdom tooth may be sideways, crooked, or just too large to fit in with your other teeth. In most cases when this happens the wisdom tooth that is impacted must be removed. Failing to remove a wisdom tooth that is causing problems can lead to gum disease, cysts, and damage to the surrounding teeth.

What Is the Procedure for Having a Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Wisdom tooth removal is usually an in-office treatment that has you home in just a few hours. Once our team has determined that you need a wisdom tooth extracted, we will develop a plan for removing the wisdom tooth or teeth that must be taken care of. We will make you as comfortable as possible and, in most cases, some type of anesthesia is given to dull your senses while the procedure is happening.

Next, we will make an incision in the gum around the tooth, and remove bone if it is necessary to access the tooth root. We will then likely break up the wisdom tooth to make it easier to remove, extract all pieces of the tooth, then apply stitches to the area if necessary. Afterward, you will be given specific after care instructions and a follow up appointment.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is a common and usually simple procedure. If you are having wisdom tooth problems, give us a call today at (480) 604-2592. Our caring and professional team would be happy to assess your issues and get you on the path to a healthy, happy mouth. Please call us at San Tan Oral Surgery today!
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When to Remove Wisdom Teeth • Gilbert, AZ
If you believe your wisdom teeth may need extracted, we here at San Tan Oral Surgery can help advise you on your next steps. Click here to learn more!
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