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Dental Bridges
Gilbert, AZ

image of dental bridgeIf you have missing teeth, your dentist might bridge the gaps created by the missing teeth to restore the look and function of your teeth. A dental bridge is made up of two or more crowns placed on the anchoring teeth on either side of the missing tooth with a new replacement tooth in between.
Dental bridges can help people who have one or more missing teeth. The most common causes of missing teeth are gum disease, physical injuries, and cavities. A dental bridge is a cost-effective tooth replacement option recommended for people looking to restore their smile.

There are four main types of dental bridges:
• Traditional dental bridge
• Cantilever dental bridge
• Maryland dental bridge
• Implant-supported dental bridge

Benefits of Dental Bridges

From preserving your face’s natural shape to preventing your teeth from shifting, there are many long-lasting benefits of dental bridges:

Restored Smile

People who have healthy teeth smile without any worry. If you have a few missing teeth, you already know how this affects your speech, undermines the strength of your bite, and shatters your confidence. A dental bridge can restore your beautiful smile.

Preserve Your Face’s Natural Shape

Your teeth provide structural support to the other bone structures in your face. When you lose a tooth, the structural support begins to shift, which can cause your cheeks to appear sunken – making you look dull and older. Dental bridges preserve your face’s natural shape by eliminating the signs of sagging skin.

Prevent Other Teeth From Shifting

Your teeth are held in place by roots, gums, and nearby teeth. Once a tooth is lost, the nearby teeth slowly shift to the open space. This shift can cause crooked teeth, which can further harm your oral health. Through dental bridges, the open space is filled with an artificial tooth to ensure that the nearby teeth don’t move to the open space.

Improve Chewing

After losing teeth, chewing food becomes difficult, if not painful. The gap left by a missing tooth allows nearby teeth to shift out of place, which can cause pain and difficulty while biting. In an attempt to compensate for partially chewed food, your stomach might overproduce acid, resulting in digestion issues.

Improve Speaking

If you have quite a few missing teeth, you might have a hard time pronouncing certain words. Tooth replacement options like dentures can cause you to mumble and slur. Dental bridges help to resolve speaking issues that are associated with tooth loss; they also don’t further aggravate the problem like dentures.
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At San Tan Oral Surgery we offer dental bridges for our patients who are in need of restoring their smile because they have more than one tooth missing.
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