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Oral Pathology

Professional woman smilingOral pathology is a specialty in the dental care field which links medicine and dentistry. Sometimes, when patients have a complaint that is vague in natural and hard to diagnose from a strictly dental point of view an oral pathologist can be helpful. They are less concerned about teeth and more considered about the underlying abnormalities of the mouth, jaw, and soft tissues. Also called a maxillofacial pathologist, they have expertise in otolaryngology and dermatology too.

Patient education is a vital part of an oral pathologist’s job. As the diagnosis and treatment plans are discussed they will educate patients as to the causes and proper care following any recommended corrective procedures.

In oral pathology, a diagnosis is made based on tissue changes indicative of diseases affecting the mouth and jaw. They use radiographs, microscopes and biochemicals to determine the best of action in a patient’s treatment. Reach out to us as at San Tan Oral Surgery, and we will help determine if an oral pathologist can be of assistance.

Importance of Oral Pathologists

Examination of oral problems through proper scientific diagnosis is a key principle in oral pathology. By bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry, an oral pathologist aligns themselves within these principles. Dentistry is a branch of medicine, thereby requiring that all diagnosis and treatment follow the principles of medical care.

Through education, oral pathologists ensure all patients are aware of their diagnosis and treatment options as they prepare for the necessary procedures they will be going through. Every aspect is clearly explained so the patient can make an educated decision as to their dental care.

Conditions Diagnosed by Oral Pathologists

Although there are numerous conditions that can affect your overall dental health, oral pathology typically focuses on five major issues. The most common is tooth decay and cavities. The American Dental Association estimates 80% of all adults suffer from some form of tooth decay. Another area of focus is the early identification of oral cancer along with dental trauma and the oral manifestation of HIV. All have serious complications that need to be thoroughly explained to the patient so they can make informed decisions regarding their care.

Who Needs an Oral Pathologist?

Through thorough examination and assessment of the patient’s oral cavity, an oral pathologist can easily diagnose any mouth or jaw disorders and will be able to effectively recommend a proper course of treatment. These treatment courses can be either short term or long term depending upon the specific condition diagnosed. Through patient education and careful examination, oral pathologists ensure patients have the knowledge and the understanding to make better decisions about their dental issues.

We understand some patients have fear about dental care. It is one of the primary directives of oral pathologists to waylay these fears and allow a patient to fully grasp the complete spectrum of their diagnosis and available treatment options. Let our staff at San Tan Oral Surgery complete a full oral examination to determine if an oral pathologist would be of benefit. Call us at (480) 604-2592 for more information or visit our office location to schedule an appointment today.
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