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Long Term Care for Dental Implants
Gilbert, AZ

Diagram of dental implant with post at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZ.Dental implants can be a costly investment, but when taken care of properly they can last for many years. Taking care of an implant is just as important as taking care of your natural teeth, as many of the issues that can happen when you neglect your natural teeth can also happen with implants and crowns. If you have a dental implant and want to learn more about taking care of it, then our friendly team at San Tan Oral Surgery can help your implants have a very long life.

Why is Taking Care of Implants So Important?

A dental implant starts with a screw that is implanted in your jawbone. Over time, if the implant is done well and correctly, your bone should grow around the screw to cement it fully in place. It is easy once this has happened to forget that the implant is there, as it should look and act just like your natural teeth. However, just as you care for your natural teeth, you should be putting as much if not more care into an implant to keep it in good shape and lasting for a long time.

A common problem with implants that are not taken care of is a condition called peri-implantitis. This is a condition similar to periodontal disease, in which bacteria can get trapped in between the implant and the gum. Plaque can build up on an implant crown the same as it can build up on your natural teeth. It can cause soreness, bleeding, and eventual bone loss if the issue is not addressed in a timely manner.

What Can I Do to Make My Implants Last?

The best thing to do for long-term care of a dental implant is to make sure you are keeping to a regular maintenance schedule for your implant. Depending on individual circumstances, you may have checkups that happen more frequently than normal dental checkups and cleanings; however they are very important to keep and ensure the long life of your implant.

On a daily basis, you should be keeping your oral health care routine very stringent. Regular brushing and flossing can keep plaque from building up on your teeth, highly reducing the possibility that you will develop infections around your gum line. Water flossers are also very useful tools for cleaning between your natural teeth and an implant. After your implant placement is finished, we will instruct you on how best to care for your implant to help make it last longer.

Another important thing to pay attention to with an implant is any signs of infection. If you are having issues with sensitivity around the infection, bleeding gums, bad breath, or red and swollen gums, you should make an appointment with one of our caring specialists immediately. Stopping an infection before it gets a hold of your gums will prevent damage to both your implant and your surrounding teeth.

Call our friendly offices at San Tan Oral Surgery at (480) 604-2592 today and let us help you with the maintenance of your dental implant. We can answer all of your questions and make sure your implant will last as long as possible. You can read our dental implant FAQ or the history of dental implants to start now.
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Long Term Dental Implant Care • Gilbert, AZ
If you have a dental implant and want to take care of it, then our friendly team at San Tan Oral Surgery can help implants have a very long life!
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