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Longevity of All-on 4
Gilbert, AZ

A woman smiling after receiving the All-on-4 Treatment Concept at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZWhen someone is seeking dental treatment, they’ll often ask how long it lasts. The All-on-4 Treatment Concept is a relatively new system, so it’s difficult to gauge its longevity. However, the data shows that they’re built to last.

Implants and Prosthetics

When we talk about implant survival, we need to define our terms. Keep in mind that All-on-4 implant dentures are made up of two separate parts:

•  The dental implants surgically placed in the jaw bone.
•  The visible prosthetic denture that is attached to the implants.

When evaluating the longevity of All-on 4 implant dentures, we must consider both parts. Happily, both of them last a long time according to current data.

Dental Implants Show Excellent Longevity

At present, the longest studies conducted on All-on 4 dental implants have evaluated them over the course of ten years. Over that time, these studies have demonstrated that All-on 4 implant dentures last just as long, or longer than, other types of dental implants. They had a success rate of 98 percent after five years, after which point only five percent of patients had a dental failure.

After ten years, the implant survival rate dropped a bit to 95 percent, and only six percent of patients reported implant failure. Another five-year study boasted a success rate of 98 percent, with only seven percent of patients suffering implant failure.

Prosthetics are Built to Last

All-on 4 implant dentures are meant to replace an entire row of teeth and must undergo demanding conditions. As such, they are built to last and don’t fail very often. A five-year study covering 242 dentures showed no failures. A ten-year study monitoring 245 dentures saw only two failures during that period. We,therefore, conclude that All-on 4 lasts at least ten years 99 percent of the time.

Implant Survival after Ten Years

From the studies we cited, All-on 4 dentures are almost guaranteed to last for ten years. However, what about after that? Other dental implant studies will help us answer that question, and they indicate that about three out of five implant failures happen during the first year. After that, failures happen much less often.

If a patient suffers a dental implant failure, they can very likely have another since a good number of the causes of implant failure are related to the mouth. That makes it quite likely that if a patient’s dental implants last for ten years, they’ll last for fifteen or even twenty years. Studies, in general, imply that around 93 percent of implants last for
seventeen years.

If optimum conditions are met, All-on 4 implants can last far into the future. Signs of potential failure include bone loss and recession of gums in the area surrounding the implants. However, as long as the gums stay healthy and the bone remains sturdy, All-on 4 implants are more likely to last beyond the 20 year mark.

If you are getting All-on 4 dental implants, you must take active care of them. Brush and floss them twice a day, eat a healthy diet, and come in for tooth exams and cleanings twice a year. If you follow these instructions and the ones we give you, your implants can function at their best and last a lifetime.

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