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How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Woman pointing to mouth, holding dental implant tooth model at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZLiving with missing teeth is a challenge. Missing teeth can cause changes in your face and mouth structure and lead to health issues such as bone loss and teeth drifting. The primary reason why most people get dental implants is to replace any teeth they are missing.

Dental implants can allow you to smile freely and boost your confidence level. They maintain the jaw structure without putting stress on adjacent teeth, withstand biting and chewing and allow the bone to grow.

Dental impants are permanent. There are several factors to consider before opting for them. One of the most common questions we get is how long do dental implants last?

Can Dental Implants Last Forever?

With proper care, dental impacts can last a lifetime. Yes, if you brush your teeth and floss regularly and get dental checkups at least every six months, the implant screw can last a lifetime.
However, the implant crown will last about 10 to 15 years and might need replacement due to wear and tear. But, if you maintain excellent dental hygiene, you can extend the life of the implant crown way beyond 15 years as well.

There is no doubt that dental implants do have the potential to deteriorate if the patient does not practice vigilant oral hygiene. There are factors that may cause their decline with time.

Reasons Why Dental Implants May Decline Over Time

Failures in dental implants usually occur within the first two years but can also occur in the initial six months post-surgery. The two principal factors that contribute to dental implant failure are peri-implantitis and failed osseointegration. Peri-implantitis is a type of gum disease that creates an infection in your implants. This infection causes damage to the bone around the tooth. If the condition worsens, you can even lose a tooth. Failed osseointegration happens when bone forms around the dental implant and makes it extra secure. This can occur due to the overheating of the bone during the implant placement or the contamination of the implant's surface.
Other reasons why your dental implants may fail over time are attributed to your oral hygiene practices and overall lifestyle. Even pre existing medical conditions and diseases can affect how long your implants last. Patients that have diabetes or cancer have a higher risk of dental implant failure. So do people who smoke.

You must have an adequate jaw bone structure so you can have the surgery since a dental implant fuses with your jaw. You must undergo bone regeneration procedures ahead of time or evaluate other options if your jaw bone structure is not adequate.

Teeth location can also impact how long implants last. If your implants are located at the back of your mouth, biting and chewing will affect them more. Even teeth grinding causes significant wear and tear and causes your implants to chip.

Take Care of Your Dental Implants, Starting Today!

Since we, at San Tan Oral Surgery, use advanced implant technology, failures due to functionality are very rare among our patients. We use economical and 100% safe products manufactured under strict quality control measures. However, we still advise all of our patients to maintain a proper oral care routine to make sure their implants last a long time. We suggest that you brush and floss regularly, visit us after every six months for a checkup and refrain from heavy smoking and drinking.

If your dental implant is causing pain or has suffered wear and tear, read our dental implants FAQ and then visit us at San Tan Oral Surgery and let our team of expert dental surgeons take care of you. Call at (480) 604-2592 today to book an appointment with us.
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How Long Do Dental Implants Last - San Tan Oral Surgery - Gilbert
Dental impants are permanent. One of the most common questions we get is how long do dental implants last? Call San Tan Oral Surgery to learn more now!
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