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Digital X-Rays
Gilbert, AZ

Dentist explaining digital x-ray picture to patient at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZAre you looking to get your dental condition checked out by a professional? Our professionals here at San Tan Oral Surgery can help to properly provide you with diagnostic dental support through digital x-ray imaging. You probably know that x-rays provide images of your body to help inform medical and dental treatment options. After all, conventional x-rays have been around since the late 19th century. However, digital x-rays were developed in the 1980s to improve the process of collecting graphical information from patients, reduce exposure to radiation, and find more accurate treatments to a variety of symptoms and conditions. Since its inception, digital x-rays have been continuing to grow in popularity, and are being found in increasingly more dental offices.

How does a Digital X Ray Work?

Have you ever noticed the difference between film cameras and digital cameras? A similar distinction can be made with a digital x-ray. That is because the digital x-ray uses x-ray-sensitive plates to obtain data during examinations. From there, the data is transferred to a computer to process the image. These plates are flat-paneled detectors that convert x-ray to light. These sensors may be either intra-oral or extra-oral depending on the equipment available. Once processed, the images end up being by thin-film transistors into digital data. The result – high-quality dental images and higher-quality treatment.

Who would benefit from Digital X-Rays?

While most people find benefits from utilizing dental digital x-rays, it will depend on your unique situation. Our dental professionals recommend scheduling a consultation to determine whether a digital x-ray will be helpful. If a digital x-ray is prescribed, they are primarily used to track your teeth and the bones in your mouth. They can also track damages such as fractures, cavities from tooth decay, misalignments, and determine whether an extraction may be required. Many patients experience x-rays on an annual basis as part of their dental maintenance routine.

What are the advantages of Digital X-Rays?

Digital cameras are far better than traditional film camera, and many of those advantages are shared by digital x-rays. The first advantage of digital x-rays over conventional x-rays is quality. Unlike conventional x-ray film, the digital x-ray uses digital image capture to higher quality data of dental structures. Without having to process and store film, our medical professionals have access to your x-rays cheaper, faster, and for a longer period of time.

In other words, the digital processing of images means that they can be readily available and stored on a computer. Plus, they are more adaptable to editing than film – lighting is a less of a factor to image quality because it can be digitally adjusted. Another benefit of digital x-ray is that it provides lower radiation exposure than its conventional radiography counterpart. As much as 70% less radiation from digital x-rays, according to studies. This means that you will have a safer experience on top of improved diagnostic quality.

Scheduling a Digital X-Ray

To find out more about digital x-rays, and to determine if a digital x-ray is right for you, please schedule with us, San Tan Oral Surgery, at (480) 604-2592 today. Our medical professionals will be happy to schedule a consultation and answer your dental digital x-ray questions.

Resource: Digital vs Conventional Radiography in the Dental Office
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Our professionals here at San Tan Oral Surgery can help to properly provide you with diagnostic dental support through digital x-ray imaging. Call now!
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