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Dental Trauma
Gilbert, AZ

A woman in pain from dental trauma at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZTraumatic dental injuries can occur at any time to anyone. Regardless of how careful our patients are, accidents can happen. Trauma to the head can occur in automobile accidents or a fall at home or while participating in sporting events. When such injuries occur, they can affect the teeth, gums, mandible, cheekbones, or other soft tissue such as the lips.

According to the dental trauma guide nearly sixty percent of the world population has been affected by dental trauma in their lifetime. The majority of traumatic oral cavity injuries include chipped teeth, gum trauma, partially dislodged or shifted teeth, broken jawbone or having the teeth knocked out. When these events occur, our endodontist on staff can help evaluate the situation and come up with a treatment plan to best correct the situation.

At San Tan Oral Surgery, our highly trained staff will assess and treat the trauma to repair the damage and reduce your pain.

Possibility of Saving The Injured Tooth

Depending up the kind of injury, the injured tooth can be saved. Obviously, if the tooth has broken off or been completely knocked out this is typically cannot be done. But if the tooth is chipped or partially dislodged, our staff can repair and save the natural tooth. Many patients assume any tooth pain associated with an accident will result in tooth extraction.

Before a decision can be made by our team, an exam will be conducted to full assess the extent of the oral cavity injury. Our staff will make sure no other teeth were affected by injury nor the other soft tissues of the mouth. Once the examination has been carried out, our professional staff will discuss the options and recommend a specific course of treatment.

How Do I Know I Have Suffered Trauma?

Believe it or not, some patients fail to realize they have suffered a traumatic injury. Some of the injuries we experience on a daily basis can have far-reaching effects on our teeth. Therefore, it is important to always watch for possible signs of dental injuries. In most people, the first sign is pain in an injured tooth following a blow to the head, mouth, or face. The pain may start immediately after the injury or a few days following. In some cases, the tooth might not show any signs of trauma and may require digital x-rays.

Following a trauma, patients should pay close attention to their teeth as they brush and floss looking for any signs of damage. If they discover a tooth might be weakened by the trauma, appearing loose in the socket, they should contact our office immediately for a dental examination. It's important to act quickly, it may surprise you how missing teeth affect your jaw.

While some injuries are not readily visible, others are obvious. When a tooth is cracked, chipped or knocked out, patients need to contact us immediately to have it properly examined. With proper care and the right treatment plan, dental trauma can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

For those patients troubled by an injury and worried there be an underlying dental trauma, let our staff at San Tan Oral Surgery ease your mind by examining your teeth. Please call (480) 604-2592 to set up your appointment today. We offer other surgical procedures like frenectomies, all on 4 dental implants, or tooth extractions and more.

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Dental Trauma - San Tan Oral Surgery - Oral Surgeon Gilbert, AZ
Dental trauma can occur at any time to anyone. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Call San Tan Oral Surgery immediately after an accident to repair the damage!
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