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Dental Crowns
Gilbert, AZ

Photo of dental crown done at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZ A dental crown is considered a restorative treatment that involves strengthening a broken tooth. Crowns also act as caps that fit atop dental implants. Dental crowns help your tooth reacquire its original size, shape, and health. It behaves like a cover that attaches to your tooth using an adhesive. Your teeth can get damaged due to decay, injury, or as a result of aging. A crown is firmly fixed atop your tooth and covers the visible part of the tooth surface.

Why Would You Need A Crown?

Dental crowns offer an effective solution for several dental issues. Here are the main reasons why your dentist may recommend one for you:

•  To protect a tooth weakened due to decay
•  To restore a broken or worn down tooth
•  To cap and support a tooth with substantial fillings when only a little of the tooth remains
•  To keep a dental bridge in position
•  To cap a dental implant
•  To carry out a cosmetic alteration

As far as crowns for children are concerned, here is why they may be used on milk teeth:

•  To protect a decayed tooth that is unable to support a filling
•  To save teeth that are vulnerable to decay, particularly when a child has not maintained good oral hygiene.
•  Reduce the application of general anesthesia for children who are unable to cooperate with regular dental care due to behavior, age, or medical history

Types of Crowns

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials. Here are some of the common ones used:

Stainless Steel

These are pre-made crowns that are typically used temporarily. It safeguards your tooth while a permanent crown is being created from another material.

A stainless steel crown is often used to fit over a baby tooth of a child. It caps the whole tooth surface to prevent further decay. When the primary tooth loosens to make space for the permanent one, the crown comes off with it naturally.


Metal crowns primarily consist of alloys that either have a high concentration of gold or platinum, or are base-metal alloys such as nickel-chromium or cobalt-chromium.

Metal crowns do not chip or break easily. These crowns are able to restore your bite force and are quite long-lasting. Their only disadvantages are the metallic hue and the costly gold. They are best for molars that are not easily visible.


Porcelain crowns can be customized to match the color of your natural teeth. However, wear and tear to the opposing teeth is an issue with these crowns, unlike metal or resin crowns. The porcelain part of the crown may also chip or break off. Porcelain crowns appear just like your natural teeth. Nevertheless, a shade of the metal beneath the porcelain may be visible underneath the gum line, especially if your gums recede over time. Porcelain crowns are a good choice for front or back teeth and long bridges, where metal is required for strength and are usually used on back teeth or molars.


They are created from composite material, which is close to the one used to make fillings. Acrylic polymer is the most popular variety of resin in modern dentistry. Another common choice is polymethyl methacrylate, which is created by fusing chemical units called monomers with activating chemicals.

Resin crowns are natural-looking and relatively inexpensive. However, they are vulnerable to wear and tear, and are more prone to fractures as compared to porcelain crowns.
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