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Can You Live With Your Wisdom Teeth?
Gilbert, AZ

For many people throughout the world, wisdom teeth are the dreaded final growth of adult life. They often either erupt quickly, which can cause immediate discomfort if there are any issues, or slowly, which lets the discomfort linger for quite a long time if any issues arise.

While we here at San Tan Oral Surgery understand that wisdom teeth are something that many patients may have uncertainty about, they are not something that should cause you anxiety. Sometimes, wisdom teeth grow in quietly. They do not cause any problems, nor can you even feel that they have grown. The wisdom teeth would just grow out from the back of your mouth, ready to function properly. Rarer still are the people who would live their whole lives without even a single wisdom tooth.

What Exactly Is A Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last set of teeth that will grow inside your mouth. They grow closest to the throat and form the widest teeth you will ever have. As molars, their job is to grind food as you chew, breaking down tough fibers and hard layers that you would otherwise have a harder time doing with your canines.

Despite being problematic for many people, we generally do not recommend removing wisdom teeth for health and safety reasons. This is because, being the large teeth that they are, wisdom teeth contain vast networks of nervous tissue. Unless they become impacted, we would rather leave them there than risk affecting the nerves on your other teeth when we pull them out.

Living With Your Wisdom Teeth

Like the rest of your teeth, caring for your wisdom teeth requires the same amount of effort you would do with the others. This includes brushing them regularly and using dental floss to clean the gum area around them.

However, unlike your other teeth, your wisdom teeth tend to be very difficult to reach with a regular toothbrush. Because they would almost touch your throat, there will always be parts of them that you cannot reach during a brushing session. This lets plaque stay on the backside of your wisdom teeth, causing cavities and eventual tooth decay.

To get around this, you may want to look for tufted toothbrushes. This is a toothbrush with a small head and an exceptionally long handle, perfect for reaching into the farthest crevices of your mouth. Their bristles resemble a bit like a short tuft of ponytailed hair. If you are a fan of electric toothbrushes, then you may want to use a rotary toothbrush that has similar dimensions albeit able to move on its own.

When They Need To Be Removed

Unfortunately, not all wisdom teeth are created equal. While some may not cause any problem for years, others may need special dental attention or even a proper wisdom tooth extraction. Mainly, you will want to have your wisdom teeth removed if their growth has been impacted. At San Tan Oral Surgery, we can help you know if your wisdom teeth may need to be removed. Just visit us in our clinic or call us today at (480) 604-2592 to schedule an appointment with us.
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Can You Live With Your Wisdom Teeth? | San Tan Oral Surgery
At San Tan Oral Surgery understand that wisdom teeth are something that many patients may have uncertainty about, they are not something that should cause you anxiety.
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