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Bone Grafting
Beverly, CA

A woman reviewing her xray with a dentist at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert AZ 85297-2100There are options when a single tooth gets fractured. It can be repaired or even removed if necessary. However, when the jawbone is fractured it may be required to have a reconstructive procedure to repair it. Bone grafting is a reconstructive procedure where transplanted bone is used to repair damaged bones. In dentistry, grafting is a common procedure which can be used to repair fractured teeth or the jawbone. If a bone graft is needed our staff will have a look at the underlying bone structure and to determine the best options. In some instances, fractures can be left to heal on their own. However, if the injury is severe, natural healing might take much longer. If the injury is causing pain, making it difficult for proper jaw function, it may be causing further damage. If a patient has sustained an injury resulting in a bone fracture, our staff here at San Tan Oral Surgery can help. Following a professional assessment, our helpful staff will make a recommendation as to an appropriate course of treatment.

What Does the Process Entail?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure which uses transplanted bone, typically taken from hips, legs or ribs to perform the graft where the bone tissue is surgically attached to the injured or missing bone structure. This is based on scientific principal. Bone structure consists of living cells which give them strength. These cells are able to be extracted from any part of your body and used to reconstruct a broken tooth or jawbone. The cells are collected and inserted in the opening between the broken bones to facilitate quick recovery.

How it is Carried Out

Just like with most dental surgical procedures, patients receive a general anesthesia to ensure they are properly numbed before the treatment begins. During the initial consultation patients will be required to sign a consent form to be put under for the procedure. One of our staff members will constantly monitor vital signs to ensure all patients are safe while the surgery is performed.

The infected area will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the graft. This is done by making a small incision to collect the graft from the donor site of the patient. After collecting the graft, the tissue is then inserted between the broken or damaged bones.

What are The Benefits of Bone Grafting?

For those who have dental fractures or jawbone damage that is too severe to warrant other less invasive procedures, grafting is a vital option. Complete reconstruction is possible when the graft adheres to the damaged bone and heals the damage. It speeds up the rate of recovery across numerous dental reconstruction procedures. The greatest benefit occurs in those which touch the base of the teeth or those affect the jawbone. For those who do not have enough bone mass for dental implants, a bone graft can help resolve those issues.

Patients are welcome to talk to us about their desire to undergo a bone repair process. Our professionally trained staff and Dr. Colson will analyze the issue and then address it with the patient. They will explain what is entailed with a bone graft and if it is a good alternative for them. Talk to San Tan Oral Surgery at (480) 604-2592 about the possibility of undergoing a bone graft for your dental problem. We offer other surgical procedures like frenectomies, all on 4 dental implants, or tooth extractions.
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Bone grafting is a surgical procedure which uses transplanted bone, typically taken from hips, legs or ribs to perform the graft. Call San Tan Oral Surgery!
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