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Benefits Of Non Invasive Laser Treatments
Gilbert, AZ

Woman smiling after her laser treatment at San Tan Oral Surgery in Gilbert, AZSkin rejuvenation treatments can do wonders to your appearance by making you look younger and boosting your confidence. These procedures are typically aesthetic and do not produce permanent results. However, they can improve your appearance and delay the signs of aging.

If you have deep folds and wrinkles, you may require surgical treatment to rectify them. However, most wrinkles and fine lines can easily be erased using non-invasive laser treatments.

Benefits of Non-Invasive Laser Treatments

Wrinkles, sun spots, fine lines, folds, and other signs of aging can be effectively removed using laser treatments. Here are some of the benefits of non-surgically improving your appearance.


Surgeries usually have a high price attached to them. Laser anti-aging treatments are a more reasonable option if you are unable to afford a surgical treatment.
You may find that laser treatments eventually add up to a price similar to that of surgical procedures. However, surgeries usually require you to pay the complete amount in advance while laser treatments offer more flexibility as payments can be distributed per treatment.

Less Painful

Non-invasive laser treatments are practically painless and do not require any medication or anesthetics. Even non-surgical treatments that entail some discomfort are more comfortable as compared to surgical procedures, where you usually have to endure post-surgical pain and take narcotic drugs to relieve pain.

Laser treatments are best if you do not have extra time to take off work following surgery. You can resume your daily activities as soon as your treatment is over.


Non-surgical laser procedures do not require any downtime or result in any post-treatment side effects, unlike surgical treatments. Symptoms related to laser treatments are typically limited to the duration of the procedure and do not continue after 24 hours.

Surgical treatments, on the other hand, can result in longer-lasting side effects after treatment and may even require post-treatment care. You can have a non-invasive laser treatment done without any obvious signs on the skin surface.

Natural Enhancement

Non-invasive laser treatments can improve your appearance without any major changes to the areas under treatment. You can enhance your looks without committing to a surgical treatment that involves considerable alteration and poses the risk of side effects.

What Is A Non-Invasive Laser Treatment Procedure Like?

Signs of aging can become increasingly apparent as you grow older. When they become too prominent, they can affect your self-confidence.

Several cosmetic laser treatments have been introduced to help you get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines. Before you undergo treatment, make sure you remove all creams, sunscreen, makeup, and other facial care products.

A topical anesthetic is usually applied to the sites that require treatment. After that, a handpiece is applied to the skin surface, which uses pulses of laser energy to do its job.

Duration of a single session is usually 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. If you are looking for a comfortable anti-aging treatment, schedule an appointment with us at San Tan Oral Surgery by calling us at (480) 604-2592 today.
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If you are looking for a comfortable, non-invasive laser anti-aging treatment, schedule an appointment with us at San Tan Oral Surgery today! We are here to help.
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